About us

Hunting has been one of the first and also one of the most important human activities already since the prehistory. Simultaneously, hunting had a vital role in the development and progress of humanity. Our company is in keeping with long-respected tradition of hunting in Slovenia.
Hunting in Slovenia is a newly founded company with its quarters near the biggest national hunting grounds. Our main goal is to warmly welcome hunters who come to Slovenia and to help them experience something they will never forget. The best way to do so is to manage the organization from the actual location, with an experienced and professional crew. Our company is proud to be cooperating with Mr Janez Tišler, a renowned hunter and guide, not only in Slovenia but also in neighbouring countries. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to spend 15 years or my hunting career being accompanied by him. Moreover, he was in charge of deer hunting organized for Marshall Tito, who was a passionate hunter and on many occasions named Slovenia his second home.
We would be honoured if our guests felt the same upon visiting our country and left it with unforgettable experience. All those who love hunting and game are welcome to relax under the protection of Saint Hubert, who will not let you out of his sight.